Honeywell vs Nest Thermostat – Comparison Chart for Buyers in 2024

Honeywell vs Nest: Choose the Best Thermostat for you – In this article, we’ll talk about how Honeywell and Nest thermostats work and what makes them different. Keep reading to learn more about these two types of thermostats and the differences between them.

Thermostats are electrical units that regulate and maintain the temperature of a place. Years ago, all they did was heat or cool an environment. However, they can now be programmed to be active whenever required and to maintain the desired temperature as set by the user. Thermostats can also be timed.

Nest or Honeywell ? Choose the Right Thermostat for you

While Buying a WiFi Thermostat, many questions arise in your mind. One of the main question that comes first is which brand should you choose. If you are confused between buying a Honeywell vs buying a Nest Thermostat, then this article is going to help you. After reading this article, you will be able to decide which Thermostat should you buy – Honeywell or Nest.

Honeywell Vs Nest – Comparison Chart

Honeywell RTH9600WF thermostat one of the best in class

Honeywell RTH9600WF

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google nest thermostat learning wifi 3rd gen

Nest Learning Thermostat

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NameHoneywell RTH9600WFNest Learning Thermostat (3rd Gen)
Amazon Rating4.44.6
Compatibility24 HVAC24 HVAC
Works with AlexaYesYes
Product LinkBuy from AmazonBuy from Amazon

Between Honeywell and Nest thermostats, neither is a clear winner. It is only the little differences that might affect your choice or decision. Let us compare these two thermostat brands based on the following criteria:

1. Price

Both Honeywell and Nest thermostats are priced at a similar amount. Hence, you need to keep an eye out for discounts that might be offered for them on various sites. So it is recommended to check various sites for any available discounts when you want to buy one since the list price is shared by both of them.

2. Style

The Honeywell is conventionally modeled as a white rectangular box. The display has a choice of colours. One can choose any of the available ones so as to complement their room or its décor. On the other hand, the Nest is designed as a black, circular unit that is also sensitive to someone’s presence in the room. It gets illuminated when someone is present in the room concerned. Therefore, Nest here has an advantage over the Honeywell thermostat.

3. Compatibility

Neither of these two thermostats is compatible with 110 or 220 volts heating systems that are found conventionally in baseboard heaters, both are compatible with almost all the modern-day heating and cooling systems in North America. Therefore, it is really difficult to come to a conclusion if you have just compatibility on your mind.

4. Programming

The Honeywell can be said to be a conventional thermostat for which the time for setting on or off can be adjusted as required. This can also be done remotely over a Wi-Fi connection from a distance. However, the Nest has the ability to observe and learn your routine through a motion sensor. It can then program itself to be switched on or off at times that will match your routine. It can also keep up with any changes in your routine due to the motion sensor that tracks your activity in the room in which it is placed. But for this to work the most efficiently, one needs to install the Nest in the room that is used most frequently. You can change any setting on the device or remotely through Wi-Fi. However, considering the programming, the Nest has an edge over the Honeywell thermostat

5. Warranty

HoneyWell WarrantyNest Warranty
2 Years2 Years

One cannot differentiate between the Nest and Honeywell when it comes to warranty. This is because both the thermostats, although differing in several fields, have a limited warranty of 24 months or two whole years. Hence, a warranty is again one of the specifications that you need not be bothered with in case you cannot decide between the Honeywell and Nest thermostats.

Nest has a detailed Warranty Terms & Conditions on this page.

To know your Honeywell Product Warranty Details & make a warranty claim, you can contact the following helpline: 1-800-468-1502.

6. Installation

The Nest thermostat can function without the help of a ‘C’ wire, the only reason being the power drawn from the D and G wires. However, the power drawn for the Wi-Fi might drop in case surplus power is somehow drawn. This is because the additional power drawn may not suit your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system, also known as the HVAC system. Therefore, to maintain a steady power, the use of a ‘C’ wire is highly advisable for Nest thermostats. In the case of Honeywell thermostat, there are alternatives to the ‘C’ wire if the unit comes without one. These alternatives include the use of a spare wire or using the ‘G’ wire connected to the ‘C’ terminal.

If you have any problem installing the Thermostats, download the Manuals in PDF from the link given below:

Google Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Gen ManualDownload
Honeywell Home RTH9600WF Smart Color Thermostat ManualDownload

Is Nest or Honeywell thermostat better – Final Words

Both Nest & Honeywell are highly regarded manufacturers of Thermostat. As we see in the above article, there are pros and cons to both the Honeywell and Nest Thermostats.

There is no apparent winner among the two thermostats we have chosen to compare. While they share may aspects, there are significant variances as well, and it’s likely these distinctions may influence your decision.

You need to choose for yourself which is the best Thermostat for you by comparing the features of the Nest and Honeywell Thermostats. Comment down below if you still have any confusion choosing between the right thermostat for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main differences between Honeywell and Nest thermostats?

Honeywell thermostats offer a wider range of features, including customizable programming and remote access, while Nest thermostats focus on learning your schedule and automatically adjusting the temperature.

Which is a better Thermostat for me, Honeywell or Nest?

It depends on your needs and preferences. Honeywell may be better if you want more control over your thermostat settings, while Nest may be better if you prefer a hands-off approach.

Are Honeywell and Nest compatible with all HVAC systems?

Both brands are compatible with most HVAC systems, but it’s important to check the compatibility before purchasing.

How easy is it to install Honeywell and Nest thermostats?

Both brands offer easy installation with step-by-step instructions, and some models can even be installed without professional help.

What is the price difference between Honeywell and Nest thermostats?

Honeywell thermostats are generally more affordable, with prices starting at around $100, while Nest thermostats start at around $150. However, more advanced models from both brands can cost several hundred dollars.

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