Top 5 Line Voltage Smart Thermostat Reviews in 2024

5 Best Line Voltage Smart Thermostats in 2024: Buy a line voltage thermostat and you’ll never have to be cold again. With this smart thermostat, you can set the temperature however high or low you want it. Line voltage smart thermostats make it easy to manage heating & cooling of your home. It can be controlled remotely by using a web app or the mobile app.

You can check the current temperature in your house, set the desired temperature and even turn off the heating and cooling of your home when you don’t need it. These Smart Wifi Thermostats are easy to install into an existing system.

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5 Most Recommended Line Voltage Wifi Thermostats for 2024

Here are some of the best line voltage smart thermostats:

1. Mysa Smart Thermostat

  • Electric Baseboard Heaters
  • Adaptive Brightness Technology
  • Works with Alexa, Google
  • Dual voltage compatibility

2. nVent NuHeat Signature Thermostat

  • Wifi Enabled Floor Heating Thermostat
  • Dual voltage compatibility
  • 7-day programmable
  • Works with NEST

3. Stelpro Ki Thermostat STZW402WB

  • Z-Wave thermostat
  • Works with line voltage, 2-wire connection
  • Works with SmartThings, Vera, HomeSeer, Nexia and Wink
  • ECO Mode,
  • Climate Control

4. Honeywell TL8230A1003 Line Volt Thermostat

  • 7 day programmable
  • Large display
  • ‎Energy Saving Thermostat
  • Vacation Settings

5. Sinopé Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat (TH1124WF)

  • Works With Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Neviweb.
  • Works with baseboard heaters, convectors, fan-forced convectors, and radiant ceiling heating.
  • Geofencing & Scheduling Facility Available.
  • Compatible with 2 or 4 wire connections.

Best Line Voltage Wifi Thermostat Reviews

We have already seen the top 5 smart Line Voltage Wifi Thermostats. Now, let us explore these thermostats one by one. We will discuss the Pros & Cons of each of the Best Line Voltage Smart Thermostats for 2024:

1. Mysa Smart Thermostat:

It is one of the best thermostats right now and has a very modern and sleek finish allowing it to blend in with any wall or décor. It also supports Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit. The installation is also easier as it comes with a manual and extensive video guides. It also works with IFTTT and has a vacation mode for saving energy.

2. nVent NuHeat Signature Thermostat

The best part of this model is that it can be programmed according to your weekly schedule. It has a built-in display and comes with GFCI protection. This model is also compatible with IFTTT.

3. Stelpro Ki Thermostat STZW402WB

It functions flawlessly with Z wave devices and its eco mode also reduces energy consumption. You also have the option to choose between a single-pole thermostat and a double-pole one.

What is a Line Voltage Thermostat

A line voltage thermostat is also popularly known as an inline thermostat or a high voltage thermostat. Line voltage thermostats are used with systems that are powered by electricity. They are generally compatible with in-floor heating, ceiling and baseboard heaters, and forced fan heaters. A line voltage thermostat will most likely work if a place has one of these heating systems.

The main difference between a line or high voltage thermostat and a low voltage thermostat is that the former uses the direct mains voltage to power the heater while the latter burns fuels to generate power. And as you may have already guessed by now, another key difference is that line voltage thermostats function on high voltage, like 120 or 240 volts whereas the low voltage ones run on 24 volts.

Different Types of Line Voltage Thermostats

Two types of line voltage thermostats are available – single pole and double pole. The easiest way to determine the type is by checking the back panel of the existing thermostat. A single ole thermostat needs just two wires to connect to the service line of your heating system. It is important to note that despite being fully equipped to control the heating system, it can only turn the heater into the lowest setting to save energy and can’t be turned off. On the other hand, double pole line voltage thermostats require four wires to be connected to the primary circuit breaker. This allows it two functions on two different circuits. Thus, it can turn the power off from either of the circuits if required.

In simpler words, a double pole line voltage thermostat can work as a power button. Thus, it amounts to greater energy consumption as you can turn off the thermostat when it is not in use or not required. So it is always advisable to choose a double pole line voltage thermostat as it would help save more energy in the long run.

Features of Line Voltage Wifi Thermostat

Some features of a line voltage smart thermostat are:

  • Scheduling – These thermostats usually work multiple ones. So you can control the thermostats installed in different rooms. With the scheduling feature, you can adjust the settings to suit your requirements instead of having to change them every other time. Thus, it is quite convenient.
  • Remote access – Line voltage smart thermostats can be accessed remotely for your better ease of use. They come with an app through which you can control your thermostat and change the settings remotely, in an instant. So you could be out with friends, working, or even enjoying vacation but you can still avail the remote access facility to control your thermostat regardless of your geographical location.
  • Zoning – This is probably one of the favorite features of people having a line voltage smart thermostat. The zoning setting allows you to maintain different temperatures in different rooms. Hence, you can decrease the heating in a room that is not being used at the moment. This helps you save a lot of money by reducing energy consumption.

FAQs on Line Voltage Smart Thermostat

What is a line voltage smart thermostat?

A line voltage thermostat is designed to control electric baseboard heaters, convectors, and radiant ceiling heat. It’s a thermostat that operates on the same voltage as your heating system.

How does a line voltage smart thermostat work?

A line voltage smart thermostat uses temperature sensors to detect the ambient temperature of a room and turns the heating system on or off as necessary to maintain the desired temperature.

What are the benefits of a line voltage smart thermostat?

A line voltage smart thermostat allows you to program temperature settings for different times of the day, remotely control your heating system, and monitor your energy usage, which can save you money on your energy bills.

Can a line voltage smart thermostat be used with other heating systems?

No, a line voltage smart thermostat is designed specifically for use with electric baseboard heaters, convectors, and radiant ceiling heat. It cannot be used with gas or oil heating systems.

Is installation of a line voltage smart thermostat difficult?

Installation of a line voltage smart thermostat can be more complex than installation of a low-voltage thermostat. It may require the services of a licensed electrician to ensure the wiring is correctly installed and the thermostat is compatible with your heating system.

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